November 10, 2008

Letter to White and Reed

Below is an e-mail sent to Don White and Dave Reed.

Congratulations on your win in the recent election! Pennsylvania needs a responsible government; one that will not waste its resources. We need reform, not just business or politics as usual. Below are several areas the government needs to review.

1. Reduce government spending – Stop unnecessary spending and reduce legislative spending either by the legislator’s own restraints or reduce the number of legislators.

2. Reduce taxes – No new taxes or fees and reduce the current taxes (unless an income or sales tax is used to eliminate property taxes), this can only be done through reducing governmental spending.

3. Eliminate teacher strikes – Pass legislation that either eliminates teacher strikes or allows teachers to strike only after school hours or on weekends.

4. Eliminate property taxes permanently – property taxes hurt Pennsylvanians living on a fixed income. School funding is crucial to a vital future for Pennsylvania and needs to be replaced with another revenue source.

5. Internet - Keep the Internet free of unnecessary regulation and taxes. Encourage the expansion of broadband access to rural locations.

You have been given the responsibility to help govern during difficult times, please act responsibly and patriotically throughout your term. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


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