November 13, 2008

Update to a Previous Post

I e-mailed my congressmen regarding the $700 billion bailout package.

I did receive a response from all (Spector, Casey, and Murtha). They all seemed, like canned responses to me, but at least I did get a response. Spector and Murtha responded within a few days. Casey took almost a month to respond.

Both Spector and Murtha explained their reasons for signing the bill. Both state they were hesitant, but realized the need to act and this was the best thing they could come up with as a group. They believed they were acting in the best interest of America.

After reading Casey’s response, I am not sure he read or understood my e-mail to him! Casey pretty much just told me about the plan without really saying anything helpful that I didn’t already know. Again, remember that he sent his response almost a month later!


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