April 23, 2007

Book Review

I was so excited; I purchased “The MacArthur New Testament Commentary” a few weeks ago. It finally arrived. I tear open the package to check out my new purchase and what do I find?

The most disappointing book ever with John MacArthur’s name on it! It is little more than the notes from his study bibles.

Normally, I recommend most of his writings; this one however can be skipped over if you already own his study Bible. I do highly recommend his study Bible.


Billiam said...

I ordered Matthew Henry's commentary on the Whole Bible a while back. Wow. It's huge, and the print is small!! I need my reading glasses for it. Yet, it's quite complete.

Wesley Matthews said...

Yeah, that is supposed to be pretty good. I have never read it, but I have looked it up on amazon to preview the book and the writing is indeed tiny!

I wondered how "readable" it is since Matthew Henry lived a couple hundred years ago. Maybe the language is updated, I am not sure. The writing was too small to read!