April 02, 2007

Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave

I finished reading the book “Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave” by Dave Breese. The book is about seven people who changed the way the world thinks about life and how their ideas still resonate today.

You may not have heard of these people before, but I’ll bet you are familiar with their ideas!

The seven men and their ideas are:

  • Charles Darwin – Theory of evolution
  • Karl Marx – Communism
  • Julius Wellhausen – Biblical “scholar” who created a “new” way of looking at the Bible (Religious Liberalism)
  • Sigmund Freud – Psychoanalysis of people and how sexual instinct controls all beings
  • John Dewey – Educational reform by encouraging a child to “grow” as apposed to learning
  • John Maynard Keynes – Economics and governmental influence on society
  • Soren Kierkegaard – Existentialism (each person is responsible to themselves)

If you have any interest in the characters mentioned above, I would highly recommend reading the book or at least the chapter on the person you are interested in. Essentially, the conclusion is the same, each of these people moved the thinking away from God and towards man, government, and other worldly things.


PA Maverick said...

I would also encourage the reading of this book -- I was pleasantly surprised to see you listing it, Wes, and your comments on it. It is also a book that will be resisted by many who have bought into the deadly philosophies concocted by this infamous 7!

PA Maverick said...

Ooops! I forgot one observation on Soren Kierkegaard and Existentialism -- in a seminary course I had, the professor told us a simple way to define "Existentialism" -- "every man has to take his own bath!"

Wesley Matthews said...

That is a great way to define existentialism, I'll have to remember that.

My next book is a 3 book series on Jewish history called The Covenant People by Mordecai Soloff.

It appears to be geared toward the young Jewish student, so it may not be very interesting to me.

Billiam said...

Never heard of Julius. Heard of and know some of the rest, however. Not bad for an unlettered oaf, wot?