March 30, 2007

Gun Control

The Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering stricter gun laws (House Bill 760)

In Summary the Firearm Registration Act states:

  • all firearms in PA will be registered
  • you will not be issued a registration certificate if you have been convicted of a violent crime or in the past 5 years of narcotic or other dangerous drug use or possession
  • each person registering a firearm will be photographed and fingerprinted
  • the registration will be renewed annually
  • require the owner to report the gun missing within 48 hours
  • require the owner to report any changes in their address or other information within 48 hours
  • require the owner to return the certificate for a firearm that is missing or sold within 48 hours
  • the fee is set at $10 for each registration and renewal

While to many people this Act may sound like a great idea, it is actually just another way for the government to intrude on the lives of private citizens. Oh and a way for them to collect more money too! If this Act is passed into law it will probably be contested and found to be unconstitutional.

I know many people that own guns, none of those people have ever murdered anyone or used their firearm to commit a crime. Most of the people hunt, others simply like to target shoot, while others just like guns! These are normal, ordinary, everyday citizens like me.

This should be a wake-up call to all Pennsylvanians. Pay attention to what the government is doing and tell them exactly what you think. Then use your power at the voting booth to get rid of the career politicians and put the government back into the hands of the citizens.

What’s next? Being forced to have some type of permanent id tattooed on our body in order to participate in the activities of society (check out Revelation 13:16-17 for more information on this).

Just for the record, I do not currently nor have I ever owned a gun. I don’t have anything against guns. I am just a sissy and have never found a gun (besides a .22) that doesn’t knock me over when firing! See Turkey Day 2006 for my gun story.


The Unseen One said...

I agree. I've never owned a gun, but I hope to some day. With the new trend of doctors having to report gun owners as potential child endangerment, plus the old people in PA continually voting straght democrat in blind hopes to go back to the "Union Days", I have to wonder what is going to come next.

Fortunately, the old people will die off soon enough. Unfortunately, many young people are leaving the state.

Roland said...

It's almost like they are trying to curb freedoms or something. Our government. I just can't believe it.
Well, maybe I can. :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like #1 and #3 are at least challengable as far as constitutionally speaking.
Get the guns now, as in a few years, you won't be able to. (Look where Massachusets is now)

Billy D