March 26, 2007

Unbelievable or Totally Believable?

On Friday, the House passed the $124 billion emergency spending bill to continue to finance the war effort. That was quite nice of them, considering President Bush only requested $103 billion! Ahh, but wait there is a catch….

See the bill was doomed to fail, until that extra $21 billion was added. And what is that extra $21 billion for you ask? Here are some examples:

$283 million for the Milk Income Loss Contract program
$74 million for peanut storage costs
$60.4 million for salmon fisheries
$50 million for asbestos mitigation at the U.S. Capitol Plant
$25 million for spinach growers

**Source = Council for Citizens Against Government Waste**

But wait there’s another catch!

The bill also requires that the operations in Iraq cease on or before September 2008. The bill only passed by a small margin (218-212). The senate too, is struggling with their own version. President Bush has threatened to veto any artificial time line.

This bill once again shows you that these political leaders need to go! By voting for this, the leaders showed America that they don’t care what happens in Iraq or to American Soldiers as long as they get money to store peanuts or grow spinach.


The Unseen One said...

And then they top it off by saying "The American people want this bill!!!" Um... no we don't.

The Unseen One said...

I'm just glad Bush has promised a veto.