March 15, 2007

Letter to the State Representative's

Below is a letter that was sent to the Pennsylvania House leadership, Governor Rendell, and Dave Reed, our local representative. I encourage all PA residents to send their own letter to their representatives or simply modify mine with your information! Remember, our government should be "by the people and for the people." The government works for us, we don't work for them!

Hello, I am writing to you today to voice my opposition to Governor Rendell’s tax increase proposals. His proposed increase in taxes and fees make it increasingly difficult for working families. Many families already have two working parents. Hurting the future of our children. I was blessed growing up, I had my mother at home to teach me about life and values and influence me in a positive way. Unfortunately, most children today do not have those benefits. We were never rich, but we always had what we needed, not necessarily what we wanted! We learned to live within our means. I believe people need to go back to the idea of living within their means, not always trying to keep up with the neighbors.

To that extent, I believe our government must set a good example and learn to live within its means, just like my family. We do not need a bigger government with more taxes that will hurt the working families. We need to encourage family values and reduce the size of government to promote responsible stewardship of the things we are given.

I hope that you will vote no to the governor’s outrageous tax plan. Please support our working families and struggling seniors across the state and vote NO on the governor’s enormous tax increases! The future of Pennsylvania depends on it.

Thank you,

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