March 07, 2007

Let’s Go Pens! To K.C.?

Should they stay or should they go?

As many of you are aware the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking for a new home. Will it be Pittsburgh or another city? We will soon find out.

My take on the subject is simply this: If Pittsburgh wants the Penguins, then Pittsburgh will need to do whatever it takes to keep them (read lots of money). Notice, I said Pittsburgh, not Pennsylvania!

I don’t want to pay more taxes or fees just to keep the Pen’s in Pittsburgh. The team has a history of poor financial management, what is going to stop them from wasting more money. Some argue, “but they bring money into the city.” Ok, sure, so do parking garages, so tear down Mellon Area and build a big parking garage. That will bring money into the city.

The other argument is the fact that the Steelers and Pirates got new stadiums (I was against those stadiums too, but the city of Pittsburgh ended up paying for those.) They don’t need a new arena just because the Steelers and the Pirates got new stadiums. They may need a new arena because of the poor condition it is in. To that I say, whose name is on the outside? (Hint it is called Mellon Arena). Let them pay for it.

To the Pens and their fans: If you want a new arena, fine. Just don’t use my money to build it!

Leave your comments to show your support for or against the new arena.

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