March 23, 2007

Keeping up with the Jones’ or the Pennsylvanians

Even the states do it! As the avid reader of my blog is well aware, Pennsylvania has opened a few slot machine casinos. On Wednesday, the West Virginia governor signed a bill to allow the state’s racetracks to include parlor games like blackjack and roulette at their facilities.

The bill allows the counties that have racetracks (4) to determine whether or not they want to allow parlor games in their county. This sounds like a great idea, government on the local level not the state or national level. However, if this bill went to a statewide referendum it would probably fail and the government knows that. Therefore, the bill is worded so that only the counties that have racetracks will be able to approve or disapprove of the table games. Well, those counties already approve of racetracks, so more than likely they will approve the table games as well.

This is just a backend ploy to get table games approved in the state. West Virginia doesn’t like the competition from Pennsylvania, so they had to “one up” us.

Oh yes, there will be some jobs created, but gambling is an addiction and will hurt many more people than what it helps.

Talk about keeping up with the Jones’!

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