March 20, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I got to see this “documentary” last night. It really isn’t worth your time or money to see it. Al Gore doesn’t really have any new information or insight into the theory of Global Warming. I suppose if you knew nothing about the topic you would probably be very frightened after seeing this movie.

The movie is extremely bias to the liberal left environmentalists. There are also scenes in the movie that have nothing to do with Global Warming, such as the accident of his son and the death of his sister. No doubt, they were life-changing events for Mr. Gore, but they didn’t have anything to do with Global Warming.

There were charts in the movie that just showed zigzag lines going up, but there were no x or y axis or numbers on the chart, just zigzag lines going up! Talk about scientific!

The two main assumptions that you need to make are: One there is “Global Warming” and Two people are the cause of Global Warming. According to much of the research today, the numbers “prove” a link between Global Warming and humans. Read “Freakonomics” by Steven Levitt for more analysis of scientists drawing conclusions as soon as they see a good fit. There are also other books that demonstrate how you can use statistics to prove your point even if there is no point to prove!

I went to their website (Climate Crisis) to calculate my impact on Global Warming. The national average is 7.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year. Mine is 13.15 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year! Almost twice the nation average! Shame on me, what can I do?

Well, we already use some CFL’s, we have a programmable thermostat, the filters are changed regularly, the heat is set around 66, the a/c is around 78, we have a new energy efficient home, we don’t eat much meat, we recycle and reuse things, Doe Valley has lots of trees, we cannot possibly reduce the number of miles we drive, my vehicles are inspected weekly for efficient operation, there are no cost effective 4wd hybrid vehicles for me to replace my current vehicle!

Again I ask the question what can I do? I already conserve as much as possible and still I am almost twice the national average! The numbers don’t add up.

After watching the movie last night (with my winter hat on and a heavy blanket on me). I was very tempted to actually turn the heat up!

I am not against the idea of recycling, reusing, and reducing our waste. In fact, I think America really needs to be more conservative with their resources. Indeed, there does need to be a change in American lifestyles, however, that has nothing to do with Global Warming.

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