March 22, 2007

The "Science" of Global Warming

Today, I am still on this “An Inconvenient Truth” kick. Another item that Al Gore mentioned in his movie was in regards to the North American ice that was around many years ago (maybe 10,000 or more years depending on which scientist you talk to). When this ice melted it created the Great Lakes and other rivers in northern North America. The ice then cooled the Northern Atlantic Ocean causing problems for Europe and Russia.

Lets assume that this occurred as the scientists say. What caused it? Global Warming? Ok, what caused Global Warming then? People, no I don’t think so. Industrial Revolution, no way, it didn’t exist! It seems to be a natural process. Maybe that is what is happening again, a natural process of the Earth warming.

I find it funny that the liberal left are very conservative with regards to the environment and the conservative right are very liberal with regards to the environment. When I say I am relatively conservative, I mean in everything, politics, finances, environment, social issues, etc.

I do think we need to “protect” our environment from abuse. However, it is a resource that has been provided for us to use and we should indeed use it. The problem lies in defining what environmental abuse is. Until we can answer that question with clarity, there will be more “heated” debates about the environment.

Still no palm trees at Doe Valley.


catharsis said...

'SEEMS' to be a natural process... 'MAYBE' that is what is happening again. Sounds like you're a little uncertain yourself! That is understandable, since scientists acknowledge that studies and models do not demonstrate exact cause/effect, but simply strong correlations between anthropogenic activity and "recent" climate change. However, if the top scientists from around the world are warning us that our human activities MIGHT BE adversely impacting the planet, why wouldn't we want to act based on the precautionary principle? Why should we not change the way we live, use our resources more responsibly and minimize these potential risks? Why wait to act accordingly until a crisis proves that the science is 100% accurate? If you have children, they will provide you with these answers.

As for defining "environmental abuse", you should return to school to learn more about the fundamentals of of sustainability. Seriously, your new knowledge will change your life. I would highly recommend this program:

If you're truly waiting for palm trees in Doe Valley before you think we should change, then there really is no hope.

Wesley Matthews said...

Thanks for the comments. However, most of my readers here know that I am a "conservative." I do think we need to be more responsible with our environment.

I don't think there will ever be Palm Trees growing here. We do need to be concerned with the environment, but I do not believe the problem is as dramatic as Al Gore and others make it seem. That is my point.

The Unseen One said...

The "science" of global warming is based on unproven theories. The mathimatical facts run contrary to those theories. Anyone who says man made global warming is a fact can be dismissed out of hand. The only other control sets, something needed in any statistical study, disagree with the theory also (Mars, Venus, Pluto, and several of the gas giant moons are also heating up).

Implementing the reforms recomended by said scientists would cause widespread economic disaster and death. This is guarenteed. The cost of food will skyrocket in areas that are not agro-self-sufficient (Pittsburgh has about a 5 month growing season) as it will be too expensive to transport food. The poor will suffer because of this. Businesses will pass all of the costs on to us, and many will go out of business. Millions would lose their jobs. Society as we know it would collapse, resulting in riots and death. Is this what we are to endure just in case these scientists (who twenty five years ago were screaming about the next ice age) are right?

I say HELL NO!!!

Wesley Matthews said...

Here is an article I found regarding Global Warming from National Geographic's web site.

Mars Melt

Very interesting.

The Unseen One said...

Yeah, the Manmade Global Warming Kool-aid Drinkers are claiming it is because of orbital dynamics on Mars, but since Earth has similar orbital dynamics... oh, no, can't be that here! It MUST be man!!! */sarcasm