April 24, 2007

Health Care Fun

I will be 30 this year and my wife will be 29 in a few weeks. My health insurance may or may not be changing in July, so we decided to go get the recommended annual check-up for 30 year olds.

She made her appointment and explained to the Doctor the recommended blood tests to be performed. The Doctor refused, saying she was healthy and didn’t need those tests done. But then decides to approve the cholesterol test, but she would need to contact the insurance company to make sure it is covered since she didn’t have a diagnosis for coronary artery disease. Then the Doctor gives her a hospital sponsored advertisement for a multi-phasic blood test that screens everything she wanted tested in the first place! The multi-phasic test of course is not covered by insurance and you need to pay for that on your own. It is only $25, but the point is I have insurance to pay for this type of thing.

The insurance company was contacted regarding the cholesterol test the Doctor approved, they were not sure if it was covered or not and said she should contact the Doctor!

Can you believe it? My new daily pray now includes, “Lord, don’t let me get sick!”

I decided I don’t need to go to the doctor. I am planning to pay for the multi-phasic test and then if something looks abnormal, then I will take the results to the Doctor and tell them what I want done.

Oh and the health insurance I have is actually pretty good. It costs the school district about $1200 a month!


Billiam said...

I wonder if said Doc gets a kickback for that particular test. As for the prayer to not get sick, I'm with you. the more and more controlled our Healthcare system gets, be it through Govt' or managed plans, the less sense we'll see from it. Also, the less available certain procedures will become. Biggest problem is too many lemmings in our society.

Wesley Matthews said...

I do not believe the doctor would get any kickbacks from the test.

A government run healthcare system is of concern to me. Canada is a good example of what can happen with this type of system.