April 03, 2007


I just finished reading an article about some schools in the United Kingdom that are removing the Holocaust from their history lessons so as not to offend Muslims and other Holocaust deniers. I have never thoroughly studied WWII. I really only know the basic facts that everyone knows or at least I thought everyone knows. From my very limited knowledge, I don’t understand how anyone can deny the Holocaust! As for teachers and schools not wanting to teach a part of history just because it might upset a group of people is outrageous.

This past weekend I also finished watching the Band of Brothers mini-series. I do not know how accurately the movie portrayed the book nor do I know how accurately the book portrayed what really happened, but even if it was only half true it is really incredible what those men had to go through to fight for the freedoms of not only Americans but the rest of the world as well! I still have the bonus material DVD to watch, so that may provide some more insight into the movie, book, or actual events.

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Billiam said...

How telling it is that many in "The West" are so concerned with not offending anyone. This is how something like the Holocaust get's it's start.