April 30, 2007

Three New Bills for Taxpayers of Pennsylvania

Three bills were recently introduced in the Pennsylvania House. If passed, these bills will actually help the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

HB 1092 will reduce the state income tax back to the rate before Gov. Rendell raised it.
HB 188 will require voter approval for any increase in local school or municipal taxes.
HB 1100 will limit the spending increases of the PA government to the rate of inflation plus the population growth rate for PA.

These bills are a great start for taxpayer reform, however, more progress needs to be made. The size of Pennsylvania’s government is too big and should be reduced to make Pennsylvania more attractive to businesses and families.

I recently received my spring local per capita tax bill. I wasn’t surprised to see a change in the bill, I was surprised at the magnitude of the change! They dropped the millage portion of the tax and converted to a flat rate. This tax almost doubled without me even knowing about it and I pay attention to these things.

Pennsylvania needs real tax reform, not just tax shifts. Act 1 needs repealed, as it is a complete failure before it is even implemented. The 2007 Primary election will be held on May 15. There will be a question on the ballot regarding the implementation of an Earned Income Tax or a Personal Income Tax to reduce property taxes. I highly recommend voting “NO” for this tax shift. This is part of the Act 1 legislation. To read more about Act 1 click on the link labeled Act 1 on the right side of the screen.

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