April 20, 2007

Privatization of Liquor Sales

There is a push for privatization of liquor stores here in Pennsylvania. Currently, you must purchase wine and liquor from a state run store. The push is on to enable licensed businesses to sell beer and wine in their stores (gas stations, super markets, etc).

Normally, I support privatization and limiting the government’s involvement with business activities. However, this is one area where the government should maintain control.

The advocates claim the privatization of liquor sales poses no threat to society and in fact benefit the people through lower prices.

Poses no threat to society? I find that hard to believe and even harder to quantify! While it is true, prices will probably decline, I don’t necessarily view that as being a benefit to society. To me, that just means people can get “drunker” for the same amount of money!

Yes, sales volume would probably increase, which would generate more revenue for the government. However, do we really want or need to make it easier to provide alcohol to the people of Pennsylvania? I vote no! Pennsylvania has enough problems; do we really need one more?

Besides, the places I shop at are already jammed full of groceries and other items. If beer, wine, or other liquor is added to the shelf that means those other items will be reduced or eliminated thereby limiting my choices of the normal items I purchase!

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