August 09, 2008

2008 Suzuki SX4 Oil Change Procedure

Below is a brief description about changing the oil on a 2008 Suzuki SX4. The following parts were used during the process:
  • 4.75 quarts 5w30 oil (SuperTech Full Synthetic)
  • Oil Filter (Fram TG4386)
  • 17 mm and 10 mm wrench
  • End Cap Oil Filter Wrench
  • Oil drain container
  • Jack or Ramps
  • Latex gloves
  • Rags, newspapers

I attempted to change the oil in my car last week, but I was unable to get at the oil filter. This is a more difficult car to change the oil in than I am used to for a couple of reasons. First, the car sits low to the ground and is virtually impossible to crawl under. Second, the oil filter is in a challenging location to get to.

The first step was to jack up the front passenger side of the car enough to slide under the car and work. I was going to attempt using ramps, but the bumper hit the ramps before the tires so I decided to just use a floor jack. Once under the car, I removed the three screws (using the 10mm wrench) holding the plastic engine cover. I did not remove the engine cover, but by simply removing those three screws allowed the guard to flex enough to get my hands up to the oil filter.

The next step was to see if I could get the oil filter loose. The end cap filter wrench I purchased did not fit the OEM oil filter, however, it does fit the FRAM filter which I plan to use in the future. After quite a while of messing around with it, we were finally able to loosen it. It was difficult!

After it was loose, I removed the oil pan drain plug with a 17mm wrench and the oil drained into the drain container. I reinstalled and tightened the drain screw and emptied the oil into another container.

Next, I slowly turned the oil filter until it started to drip out. I gave it another quarter turn and then let the oil drain into my container. After the oil stopped draining, I removed the filter completely and wiped the filter area clean.

I ran a bead of oil around the seal of the new filter and installed it. It was rather difficult to get it started. The threads did not seem to want to align correctly. DO NOT FORCE IT ON. Keep adjusting it until it screws on easily.

After the filter seal touches the bottom of the engine and is finger tight, put the end cap filter wrench on and give it a half to three quarter turn to tighten completely.

Refill the crankcase with about 4.75 quarts of oil. Start the engine and check for leaks. Cleanup and dispose of the used oil properly.

Good for another 6,000 miles!


Anonymous said...

if your time is valuable as you stated in the previous blog why not go to the 10 minute oil change for 18.95 and have no worries, this way you would of had the day free to do as you chose.

Wesley Matthews said...

The nearest 10 minute oil change is about 40 mins away. So that would be a total of 90 mins for an oil change.

Plus the cheapest oil change around here is about $25 now and that does not include the full synthetic oil. That price is closer to $40.

Future oil changes for me should be much quicker, but thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Great blog post. It doesn't make sense to spend twice as much having someone else doing the oil change. Synthetic changes are pricey.

Anonymous said...

It`s just simply GREAT to DIY the oil change, because those "mechanics" like to "play" with your lovely car while you are in the waiting room. mine sx4 was screwed up last time by the suzuki dealer...

Anonymous said...

I just followed your instructions for this oil change. On my wifes sx4 crossover you really do not have to use a wrench for the engine cover. her car also had a phillips capable slot on the head of those screws. Just thought that I would mention that in case other sx4's had those type of screws. oil change went great and it only took 25 minutes including checking for leaks. take care and have a good day folks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this very well redacted blog. Although my wife's car is a 2010, I am convinced that this blog is of a great help for me. By the way, I'm planning to return, I want to read some of the other blogs. I'll be back to you soon. Thanks again (it shouldn't be that difficult to read your antirobot words)

GodInfamous said...

Full synthetic oil change in Alberta Canada will run you $95.00.

Anonymous said...

I found the good ol' screwdriver through the filter trick seem to work just fine. You just need a 8" or longer one and take it off from the top of the car.

Anonymous said...

yeah, after waiting 2 hours while mechanics polked at the car to try and sell me $1000 worth of repairs I didn't need, I'm back to changing my own oil. Good post

Anonymous said...

What's the good 'ol screwdriver through the filter trick?
Literally stabbing a screwdriver into it?

Wesley Matthews said...

From what I understand, yes, stab the filter with a screw driver and twist. However, I would do that only as a very, very last resort. You could damage the threads on the engine and that would not be good.

Anonymous said...

I went to a 10 minute oil change place and they put the wrong oil filter on my sx4. I noticed my timing chain rattle every time I started my car. It was to small so I do my own oil change now.