August 25, 2008

Chapter #3 - The Biblical Purpose of Government

"Paul identifies three basic purposes for the existence and role of government: (1) it restrains evil, (2) it promotes good, and (3) it is empowered by God to punish wrongdoers and the disobedient." page 41

"Even unconverted government leaders intuitively know good from evil and thus realize that part of their governing responsibility is to punish evil behavior." page 43

"Even the poorest form of government is better than no government at all." page 43

"By looking out for you and protecting our legitimate rights and interests, any government official is 'God's minister' or servant on your behalf." page 44-45

"Government exists as an institution that God has ordained to punish evil lawbreakers." page 46

This includes the God ordained right for governments to utilize capital punishment. We have seen problems in nations where capital punishment is no longer used. Prisons become filled and are simply breading grounds for more criminal activity. As the prisons become filled prisoners are released early to make room for new prisoners. Unfortunately, the prisoners that are released usually commit another crime and end up back in prison.

"Thus, simply stated, the prison system as we know it is not a proper deterrent to or punishment for crime." page 49

"When the leaders of a nation fail to administer justice, they and their people fall under God's justice." page 49

"The United States and other supposedly sophisticated, technologically advanced societies have sanctioned abortion, which is nothing less than the murder of unborn children. Those who for nearly thirty years have encouraged this ghastly execution of the most defenseless and harmless of people created in God's image will not escape His eventual judgment." page 49-50

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