August 06, 2008

Book Review

John MacArthur – God’s High Calling for Women

This is a short (52 pages) study on 1 Timothy 2:9-15.

MacArthur believes the Bible says women should not seek leadership roles in the church. Their primary duty, given by God, is to raise godly children.

According to MacArthur, women are allowed to proclaim the Word of God, share their personal stories/insights, and pray in public. They just cannot lead when the church comes together to worship.

MacArthur explains 1 Corinthians 11:5 away by saying “Perhaps Paul meant this or Perhaps Paul mean that.”

This is probably one of the few MacArthur studies that I don’t totally agree with. I believe the entire (historical) context needs to be kept in mind while reading these verses. Usually MacArthur does that in his studies. That being said I don’t believe women (or anybody for that matter) should be in a church leadership position because they want to be there.

I believe leaders need to be called by God to their leadership positions. No one should usurp authority just so they can be in charge. God’s way is the only way for a successful, fruitful, and everlasting ministry.

Next book: Now that I believe by Robert A. Cook

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