August 28, 2008

Chapter #4 - Our Tax Obligation

"It is right for us to take advantage of legal deductions and other tax benefits, but we should never be looking for more ways to avoid paying taxes." page 53

"While many people view the governments of contemporary democracies as corrupt and unjust, by comparison the Roman government of the first century was pagan, despotic, and often ruthless." page 54

"Christ's statement here is an assertion that citizens of all eras have a God-ordained obligation to pay taxes to their government." page 61

"No matter what position they have attained, what administrative competence they bring to the task, or what personal character qualities they possess, officials who assess and collect taxes are 'God's ministers.'" page 62

Simply, we are to obey the authorities in charge, sure we can use whatever legal means to protest or remove those from office, but we are not to break the law (unless it violates God's law).

"Christians have both the moral and spiritual responsibility to pay taxes because that's what God requires of them." page 63

"All things belong to Him, but a certain amount of that wealth which He entrusts to each person must go to support the institutions of human government. That is in accord with the Lord's plan and decree and part of His perfect will for us." page 65

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