August 20, 2008

Chapter #2 - Our Responsibility to Authority

"Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities." (Romans 13:1)

"Christianity and good citizenship go hand in hand." This includes "a sincere honor and respect for all official authority." Because "government officials are God's agents for maintaining order and justice in society." page 20

"The Lord expects us to speak out against sin, injustice, immorality, and ungodliness with courage and diligence. But we must do so in a law-abiding manner, according to the civil laws that legislative bodies and governing officials have established for us." page 21

"We are to obey every civil authority, no matter how immoral, cruel, ungodly, or incompetent he or she might be. Any government is better than anarchy." page 21

There is of course one exception to this rule and that being if the laws made by people are in direct violation of God's Word. There are several Biblical accounts mentioned about this in the chapter.

"Likewise, our churches ought to obey ordinances and regulations concerning zoning, fire safety, structural standards, building permits, and every other law that does not conflict with Scripture." page 25

"There is no type of persecution that should cause us to revolt against the government. It should only cause us to patiently endure the trial and persevere in righteousness." page 26-27

All government is put in place by God. If we were to disobey the government we would be disobeying God and therefore be subject to punishment.

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