September 01, 2008

Chapter #5 - Jesus' Lesson on Tax Exemptions

"If our Lord and Savior did not ignore or rebel against the tax laws of His day, neither can we flout our taxpaying duties today." page 70

"No matter how unfair or unjustified a particular tax is or seems to be, the son of God instructs His disciples (then and now) to pay it, even if the assessment is used wastefully, foolishly, and in other ways that do not honor God." page 74

"The point of Jesus' lesson is clear. All believers must obey the requirements of the tax system under which they live. And God is there to provide the means - perhaps not as dramatically as for Peter, but nevertheless just as faithfully - for us to fulfill those obligations." page 75

"Included in any testimony of model citizenship would certainly be faithful and consistent compliance with all the government's tax requirements." page 76

"By obeying all the laws we demonstrate a love for God, for our country, and for our fellow citizens." page 77

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