September 05, 2008

Chapter #7 - Daniel's Uncompromising Civil Service

"There is no better Old Testament example than Daniel of one who had an ideal relationship with secular authority - he maintained his walk as a believer and his life as a responsible citizen in perfect harmony." page 99

"Daniel's uncompromising stance regarding dietary matters reminds us again of how we sometimes must relate to our leaders: at time we will have to refuse obedience if such compliance would violate God's will." page 102

"In all of our interaction with civil authority, we should strive, with God's help, to act from a foundation of unwavering excellence - spiritually, morally, and ethically." page 105

"Our duty is simply to live consistently, obeying the principles from Scripture we know to be true." page 106

You can read more about Daniel's life in the book of Daniel.

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