September 03, 2008

Chapter #6 - Supporting Our Leaders: How and Why

"There is a general bias against the truth and righteousness that genuine Christianity stands for, but we as believers should nevertheless live as godly citizens who support the civil authorities." page 86

"First of all, Christians need to periodically remind their leaders that civil responsibilities are given to the from the supervising hand of God." page 87

"From time to time as appropriate, we should respectfully remind our government authorities that God 'disciplines nations' (Psalm 94:10, NIV) and that some day 'He is coming to judge the earth.' (Psalm 98:9)." page 88

"Another reminder that proves we are truly supportive of our leaders is the one that affirms we will choose only those who are faithful to all their governing responsibilities." pages 88-89

MacArthur mentions four specific requirements God makes upon them (pages 89-90)
  • God requires humility
  • God demands justice, mercy, and compassion
  • God calls for enforcement of the law
  • God opposes selfish oppression

"Officials ... should empathize with citizens' needs and extend kindness to them by actually relieving suffering and want." page 91

"When we give proper support to earthly government it demonstrates that we 'fear God' and trust Him no matter how difficult and discouraging it is to live in an ungodly society. It shows other that we reverence Him as the Sovereign who is working all things according to His perfect plan." page 94

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