September 10, 2008

Chapter #9 - How to Live in a Pagan Culture

"The church will really change society for the better only when individual believers make their chief concern their own spiritual maturity, which means living in a way that honors God's commands and glorifies His name." page 130

Christians are not called to use their life simply to protest the government. We are called to proclaim the gospel and live lives that show its transforming power.

There are four areas of spiritual truth that Christians need to be reminded about
  1. A Christian's Duties
  2. Their unsaved condition
  3. Their salvation
  4. Their mission

What our our Christian Duties? pages 132 - 134

  • Obey government and all authority
  • Be prepared for good works
  • Do not malign anyone
  • Be peaceful and gentle to everyone
  • Be considerate of others

"And although we detest the sinful, unbiblical aspects of society, we must remember that the same ungodly characteristics once defined our lives. Such awareness will keep us humble and prevent us from putting down sinners simply because they rub us the wrong way by their values and lifestyles." pages 138-139

"If anything should prevent us from feeling hostile toward the corrupters of contemporary society and keep us from wasting our time trying to bring about moral and political reform, it should be the reminder that all the wonderful benefits of salvation derive from Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice on the cross." page 143

"We must remember to be engaged in good works, which Scripture says will result from salvation." page 144

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