September 12, 2008

Book Review

This is a great book for those Christians struggling with understanding the government and how to think and act Christ-like to those in authority.

MacArthur gives a Christian perspective on the government and political involvement. He discusses the purpose of government and the Christian’s responsibility toward it.

MacArthur also teaches in this “Bible For Life” series about the Christian’s obligation toward taxes. Basically, Christians are to pay their taxes. He demonstrates this with Jesus’ teaching on taxes.
Here is a just a quick "Why Government Can't Save You" by John MacArthur

Of course, no book like this would be complete without a couple of examples from the Bible. MacArthur uses the example of Daniel and Paul to show how a Christian should live and interact (maybe even be a part of the government) with the government and its authorities.

Christians are to support their leaders and obey them, provided the leaders are not giving orders in direct violation of God’s Word. Finally, there is a chapter about how to live in a pagan society.

There is also a sermon from Charles Haddon Spurgeon at the end of the book about Citizenship in Heaven. The book includes a study guide for group study or further individual reflection.

True to MacArthur’s style, this book is filled with scriptural references. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read. This is this best book I have ever read about how a Christian should respond and deal with their government.

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