September 19, 2008

Book Review

I finished reading "the wired church 2.0" by Len Wilson with Jason Moore. This book is not what I was expecting.

The book is separated into four parts:
  1. Developing a mission for media.
  2. Designing meaningful media for worship.
  3. Building a championship crew.
  4. Mastering the technology.

Each part describes the way and reason why of doing things.

The book's main focus is using technology for the worship service. This is not what I was hoping for. I am looking for ways to utilize technology for our small, rural church in general. The book focused more on how to start using a projector for worship services in a large church setting. To get started would cost around $15,000 to use technology for worship.

The book really didn't seem to be very helpful for the complete beginner. It was wrote on a "higher education" level. It almost seems to me that the author was writing this book to be used in a classroom setting. In other words, more theory than practicality.There were however, some good points.

Overall though, this is one book the beginner can skip.

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