September 08, 2008

Chapter #8 - Paul's Example before Worldly Authorities

"A good conscience is not the supreme factor in determining whether or not our actions toward authority are right or wrong (Paul's conscience once permitted him to oppose Christ)." page 115

"When Rome eventually persecuted and killed many in the early church, it was not because Christians were revolutionaries but because they refused to worship the emperor." page 122

"... what happened to Paul in his confrontations with worldly authorities clearly reveals the triumph of God's sovereignty over human affairs." page 124

"... Paul used his circumstances as an opportunity to witness, or at least speak a word that honored God or edified others." page 125

"... Paul always endeavored to maintain the proper attitude." page 125

"... all of Paul's words and actions before various worldly authorities summarize for us in a practical way and remind us again ... that God expects the believer to relate properly to governmental authority." pages 125-126

"The apostle Paul indeed was a model citizen and a knowledgeable one." page 112

For more information about Paul and his ministry, read his inspired New Testament letters.

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