September 24, 2008

Bible Study

Chapter 2: Words, Words, Words
James 1:19-27

Last week we read about two tests James gives us regarding a true believer. The first test was of their response to trials. The second test was of their response to temptations.

Last night we looked at a third test of a true believer. James tells us you can know a true believer by their response to the Word of God.

When a true believer hears God's word they want to hear more of it while at the same time they desire to obey it. This is the natural reaction of a true believer. Like a baby’s desire for milk, a believer desires the Word.

The believer must be careful not to have a simple intellectual interest in the gospel (ie learning more of it), but a heart that desires to obey it. This is not a one-time feeling, rather it is a life-long pursuit.

How about you? How well do you handle these three tests of a true believer? Evaluate your response to trials, temptations, and your reception and reaction to the Word of God.

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